Google Cloud C++ Client  2.7.0
C++ Client Library for Google Cloud Platform
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common_options.h File Reference
#include "google/cloud/options.h"
#include "google/cloud/version.h"
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

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struct  google::cloud::EndpointOption
 Change the endpoint. More...
struct  google::cloud::UserAgentProductsOption
 User-agent products to include with each request. More...
struct  google::cloud::TracingComponentsOption
 Return whether tracing is enabled for the given component. More...
struct  google::cloud::UserProjectOption
 Specifies a project for quota and billing purposes. More...
struct  google::cloud::AuthorityOption
 Configure the "authority" attribute. More...


 Contains all the Google Cloud C++ Library APIs.


using google::cloud::CommonOptionList = OptionList< EndpointOption, UserAgentProductsOption, TracingComponentsOption, UserProjectOption, AuthorityOption >
 A list of all the common options. More...