Google Cloud Pub/Sub C++ Client  2.1.0
A C++ Client Library for Google Cloud Pub/Sub
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retry_policy.h File Reference
#include "google/cloud/pubsub/version.h"
#include "google/cloud/internal/retry_policy.h"
#include "google/cloud/status.h"

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 The namespace Google Cloud Platform C++ client libraries.
 Contains all the Cloud Pub/Sub C++ client types and functions.


using google::cloud::pubsub::RetryPolicy = ::google::cloud::internal::TraitBasedRetryPolicy< pubsub_internal::RetryTraits >
 The base class for retry policies. More...
using google::cloud::pubsub::LimitedTimeRetryPolicy = ::google::cloud::internal::LimitedTimeRetryPolicy< pubsub_internal::RetryTraits >
 A retry policy that limits based on time. More...
using google::cloud::pubsub::LimitedErrorCountRetryPolicy = google::cloud::internal::LimitedErrorCountRetryPolicy< pubsub_internal::RetryTraits >
 A retry policy that limits the number of times a request can fail. More...