Google Cloud Storage C++ Client  2.2.1
A C++ Client Library for Google Cloud Storage
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version.h File Reference
#include "google/cloud/storage/version_info.h"
#include "google/cloud/internal/attributes.h"
#include "google/cloud/version.h"
#include <string>

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 Contains all the Google Cloud Storage C++ client APIs.




constexpr int google::cloud::storage::version_major ()
 Returns the Google Cloud Storage C++ Client major version. More...
constexpr int google::cloud::storage::version_minor ()
 Returns the Google Cloud Storage C++ Client minor version. More...
constexpr int google::cloud::storage::version_patch ()
 Returns the Google Cloud Storage C++ Client patch version. More...
constexpr int google::cloud::storage::version ()
 Returns a single integer representing the Major/Minor/Patch version. More...
std::string google::cloud::storage::version_string ()
 Returns the version as a string, in MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH+gitrev format. More...
std::string google::cloud::storage::x_goog_api_client ()
 Returns the value for x-goog-api-client header. More...

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"this function is not used within the library. There was never a need" \
" to mock this function, but it is preserved to avoid breaking existing" \
" applications. The function may be removed after 2022-10-01, more" \
" details on GitHub issue #7282.")

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