Class PubSubHealthIndicator

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public class PubSubHealthIndicator extends
Default implementation of HealthIndicator for Pub/Sub. Validates if connection is successful by pulling messages from the pubSubTemplate using PubSubTemplate.pullAsync(String, Integer, Boolean).

If a custom subscription has been specified, this health indicator will signal "up" if messages are successfully pulled and (optionally) acknowledged or if a successful pull is performed but no messages are returned from Pub/Sub.

If no subscription has been specified, this health indicator will pull messages from a random subscription that is expected not to exist. It will signal "up" if it is able to connect to GCP Pub/Sub APIs, i.e. the pull results in a response of StatusCode.Code.NOT_FOUND or StatusCode.Code.PERMISSION_DENIED.

Note that messages pulled from the subscription will not be acknowledged, unless you set the acknowledgeMessages option to "true". However, take care not to configure a subscription that has a business impact, or leave the custom subscription out completely.

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    PubSubHealthIndicator(PubSubTemplate pubSubTemplate, String healthCheckSubscription, long timeoutMillis, boolean acknowledgeMessages)
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    protected void
    doHealthCheck( builder)

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    • PubSubHealthIndicator

      public PubSubHealthIndicator(PubSubTemplate pubSubTemplate, String healthCheckSubscription, long timeoutMillis, boolean acknowledgeMessages)
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    • doHealthCheck

      protected void doHealthCheck( builder)
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      doHealthCheck in class