Class TraceIdLoggingEnhancer

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public class TraceIdLoggingEnhancer extends Object implements,
Adds the trace ID and span ID to the logging entry, in its correct format to be displayed in the Logs viewer.
  • Constructor Details

    • TraceIdLoggingEnhancer

      public TraceIdLoggingEnhancer()
  • Method Details

    • setCurrentTraceId

      public static void setCurrentTraceId(String id)
      Sets or removes the current trace ID.
      id - current ID or null to unset
    • getCurrentTraceId

      public static String getCurrentTraceId()
      Get the current trace id.
      the trace ID stored through setCurrentTraceId(String)
    • enhanceLogEntry

      public void enhanceLogEntry( builder)
      Set the trace and span ID fields of the log entry to the current one.

      The current trace ID is either the trace ID stored in the Mapped Diagnostic Context (MDC) under the "X-B3-TraceId" key or, if none set, the current trace ID set by setCurrentTraceId(String). The current span ID is retrieved from the MDC under the "X-B3-SpanId" key, if set.

      The trace ID is set in the log entry in the "projects/[GCP_PROJECT_ID]/traces/[TRACE_ID]" format, in order to be associated to traces by the Google Cloud Console.

      If an application is running on Google App Engine, the trace ID is also stored in the "" field, in order to enable log correlation on the logs viewer.

      Specified by:
      enhanceLogEntry in interface
      builder - log entry builder
    • enhanceLogEntry

      public void enhanceLogEntry( builder, ch.qos.logback.classic.spi.ILoggingEvent e)
      See: enhanceLogEntry(LogEntry.Builder) This method adds support for AsyncAppender when retrieving MDC properties.
      Specified by:
      enhanceLogEntry in interface
      builder - log entry builder
      e - logging event