Classes representing legacy Google App Engine exceptions.

Unless otherwise noted, these are meant to act as shims for the exception types defined in the google.appengine.api.datastore_errors module in legacy Google App Engine runtime.

exception google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.BadArgumentError[source]

Bases: google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.Error

Indicates an invalid argument was passed.

Raised by Query.Order(), Iterator.Next(), and others.

exception google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.BadFilterError(filter)[source]

Bases: google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.Error

Indicates a filter value is invalid.

Raised by Query.__setitem__() and Query.Run() when a filter string is invalid.

exception google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.BadQueryError[source]

Bases: google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.Error

Raised by Query when a query or query string is invalid.

exception google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.BadRequestError[source]

Bases: google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.Error

Indicates a bad request was passed.

Raised by Model.non_transactional() and others.

exception google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.BadValueError[source]

Bases: google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.Error

Indicates a property value or filter value is invalid.

Raised by Entity.__setitem__(), Query.__setitem__(), Get(), and others.

exception google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.ContextError[source]

Bases: google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.Error

Indicates an NDB call being made without a context.

Raised whenever an NDB call is made outside of a context established by google.cloud.ndb.client.Client.context().

exception google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.Error[source]

Bases: Exception

Base datastore error type.

exception google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.Rollback[source]

Bases: google.cloud.ndb.exceptions.Error

Allows a transaction to be rolled back instead of committed.

Note that any exception raised by a transaction function will cause a rollback. Hence, this exception type is purely for convenience.