Core classes for Google REST Clients

This library includes common base classes and dependencies used by legacy REST clients for Google APIs. It is used by client libraries, but you should not need to install it by itself.


More detailed descriptions of the Google legacy REST clients are available in two documents.

  • The Usage Guide discusses how to make API calls, how to use the provided data structures, and how to work the various features of the client library, including media upload and download, error handling, retries, pagination, and logging.
  • The Auth Guide discusses authentication in the client libraries, including API keys, OAuth 2.0, service accounts, and environment variables.

For reference information on specific calls in the clients, see the class reference docs.


This library is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in the LICENSE.


Please report bugs at the project on Github. Don't hesitate to ask questions about the client or APIs on StackOverflow.