Release History

1.23.0 / 2020-09-17


  • quota_project can be set via library configuration (#7627)

1.22.0 / 2020-09-10


  • Add support for ML model export
    • Add model support to Project#extract and #extract_job
    • Add ExtractJob#model?
    • Add ExtractJob#ml_tf_saved_model?
    • Add ExtractJob#ml_xgboost_booster?
    • Add Model#extract and #extract_job

1.21.2 / 2020-07-21


  • Update Data#each samples

1.21.1 / 2020-05-28


  • Fix a few broken links

1.21.0 / 2020-03-31


  • Add Job#parent_job_id and Job#script_statistics
    • Add parent_job to Project#jobs
    • Add Job#num_child_jobs
    • Add Job#parent_job_id
    • Add Job#script_statistics

1.20.0 / 2020-03-11


  • Add Range Partitioning
    • Add range partitioning methods to Table and Table::Updater
    • Add range partitioning methods to LoadJob
    • Add range partitioning methods to QueryJob

1.19.0 / 2020-02-11


  • Add Routine
    • Add Dataset#create_routine
    • Add Argument
    • Update StandardSql classes to expose public initializer
    • Add Data#ddl_target_routine and QueryJob#ddl_target_routine
  • Allow row inserts to skip insert_id generation
    • Streaming inserts using an insert_id are not able to be inserted as fast as inserts without an insert_id
    • Add the ability for users to skip insert_id generation in order to speed up the inserts
    • The default behavior continues to generate insert_id values for each row inserted
    • Add yield documentation for Dataset#insert

1.18.1 / 2019-12-18

Bug Fixes

  • Fix MonitorMixin usage on Ruby 2.7
    • Ruby 2.7 will error if new_cond is called before super().
    • Make the call to super() be the first call in initialize

1.18.0 / 2019-11-06


  • Add optional query parameter types
    • Allow query parameters to be nil/NULL when providing an optional
    • Add types argument to the following methods:
    • Project#query
    • Project#query_job
    • Dataset#query
    • Dataset#query_job
  • Add param types helper methods
    • Return the BigQuery field type code, using the same format as the
    • Add Schema::Field#param_type
    • Add Schema#param_types
    • Add Data#param_types
    • Add Table#param_types
    • Add External::CvsSource#param_types
    • Add External::JsonSource#param_types
  • Add support for all_users special role in Dataset access

1.17.0 / 2019-10-29

This release requires Ruby 2.4 or later.


  • Clarify which Google Cloud Platform environments support automatic authentication

1.16.0 / 2019-10-03


  • Add Dataset default_encryption
    • Add Dataset#default_encryption
    • Add Dataset#default_encryption=

1.15.0 / 2019-09-30


  • Add Model encryption
    • Add Model#encryption
    • Add Model#encryption=
  • Add range support for Google Sheets
    • Add External::SheetsSource#range
    • Add External::SheetsSource#range=
  • Support use_avro_logical_types on extract jobs
    • Add ExtractJob#use_avro_logical_types?
    • Add ExtractJob::Updater#use_avro_logical_types=

1.14.1 / 2019-09-04


  • Add note about streaming insert issues
    • Acknowledge tradeoffs when inserting rows soon after table metadata has been changed.
    • Add link to BigQuery Troubleshooting guide.

1.14.0 / 2019-08-23


  • Support overriding of service endpoint

Performance Improvements

  • Use MiniMime to detect content types


  • Update documentation

1.13.0 / 2019-07-31

  • Add Table#require_partition_filter
  • List jobs using min and max created_at
  • Reduce thread usage at startup
    • Allocate threads in pool as needed, not all up front
  • Update documentation links

1.12.0 / 2019-07-10

  • Add BigQuery Model API
    • Add Model
    • Add StandardSql Field, DataType, StructType
    • Add Dataset#model and Dataset#models
  • Correct Float value conversion
    • Ensure that NaN, Infinity, and -Infinity are converted correctly.

1.11.2 / 2019-06-11

  • Update "Loading data" link

1.11.1 / 2019-05-21

  • Declare explicit dependency on mime-types

1.11.0 / 2019-02-01

  • Make use of Credentials#project_id
    • Use Credentials#project_id If a project_id is not provided, use the value on the Credentials object. This value was added in googleauth 0.7.0.
    • Loosen googleauth dependency Allow for new releases up to 0.10. The googleauth devs have committed to maintaining the current API and will not make backwards compatible changes before 0.10.

1.10.0 / 2018-12-06

  • Add dryrun param to Project#query_job and Dataset#query_job
  • Add copy and extract methods to Project
    • Add Project#extract and Project#extract_job
    • Add Project#copy and Project#copy_job
    • Deprecate dryrun param in Table#copy_job, Table#extract_job and Table#load_job
  • Fix memoization in Dataset#exists? and Table#exists?
    • Add force param to Dataset#exists? and Table#exists?

1.9.0 / 2018-10-25

  • Add clustering fields to LoadJob, QueryJob and Table
  • Add DDL/DML support
    • Update QueryJob#data to not return table rows for DDL/DML
    • Add DDL/DML statistics attrs to QueryJob and Data
  • Add #numeric to Table::Updater and LoadJob::Updater (@leklund)

1.8.2 / 2018-09-20

  • Update documentation.
    • Change documentation URL to googleapis GitHub org.
  • Fix circular require warning.

1.8.1 / 2018-09-12

  • Add missing documentation files to package.

1.8.0 / 2018-09-10

  • Add support for OCR format.
  • Update documentation.

1.7.1 / 2018-08-21

  • Update documentation.

1.7.0 / 2018-06-29

  • Add #schema_update_options to LoadJob and #schema_update_options= to LoadJob::Updater.
  • Add time partitioning for the target table to LoadJob and QueryJob.
  • Add #statement_type, #ddl_operation_performed, #ddl_target_table to QueryJob.

1.6.0 / 2018-06-22

  • Documentation updates.
  • Updated dependencies.

1.5.0 / 2018-05-21

  • Add Schema.load and Schema.dump to read/write a table schema from/to a JSON file or other IO source. The JSON file schema is the same as for the bq CLI.
  • Add support for the NUMERIC data type.
  • Add documentation for enabling logging.

1.4.0 / 2018-05-07

  • Add Parquet support to #load and #load_job.

1.3.0 / 2018-04-05

  • Add insert_ids option to #insert in Dataset, Table, and AsyncInserter.
  • Add BigQuery Project#service_account_email.
  • Add support for setting Job location to nil in blocks for Job properties.

1.2.0 / 2018-03-31

  • Add geo-regionalization (location) support to Jobs.
  • Add Project#encryption support to Jobs.
  • Rename Encryption to EncryptionConfiguration.
  • Add blocks for setting Job properties to all Job creation methods.
  • Add support for lists of URLs to #load and #load_job. (jeremywadsack)
  • Fix Schema::Field type helpers.
  • Fix Table#load example in README.

1.1.0 / 2018-02-27

  • Support table partitioning by field.
  • Support Shared Configuration.
  • Improve AsyncInserter performance.

1.0.0 / 2018-01-10

  • Release 1.0.0
  • Update authentication documentation
    • Update Data documentation and code examples
    • Remove reference to sync and async queries
  • Allow use of URI objects for Dataset#load, Table#load, and Table#load_job

0.30.0 / 2017-11-14

  • Add Google::Cloud::Bigquery::Credentials class.
  • Rename constructor arguments to project_id and credentials. (The previous arguments project and keyfile are still supported.)
  • Support creating Dataset and Table objects without making API calls using skip_lookup argument.
    • Add Dataset#reference? and Dataset#resource? helper method.
    • Add Table#reference? and Table#resource? and Table#resource_partial? and Table#resource_full? helper methods.
  • Dataset#insert_async and Dataset#insert_async now yields a Table::AsyncInserter::Result object.
  • View is removed, now uses Table class.
    • Needed to support skip_lookup argument.
    • Calling Table#data on a view now raises (breaking change).
  • Performance improvements for queries.
  • Updated google-api-client, googleauth dependencies.

0.29.0 / 2017-10-09

This is a major release with many new features and several breaking changes.

Major Changes

  • All queries now use a new implementation, using a job and polling for results.
  • The copy, load, extract methods now all have high-level and low-level versions, similar to query and query_job.
  • Added asynchronous row insertion, allowing data to be collected and inserted in batches.
  • Support external data sources for both queries and table views.
  • Added create-on-insert support for tables.
  • Allow for customizing job IDs to aid in organizing jobs.

Change Details

  • Update high-level queries as follows:
    • Update QueryJob#wait_until_done! to use getQueryResults.
    • Update Project#query and Dataset#query with breaking changes:
    • Remove timeout and dryrun parameters.
    • Change return type from QueryData to Data.
    • Add QueryJob#data
    • Alias QueryJob#query_results to QueryJob#data with breaking changes:
    • Remove the timeout parameter.
    • Change the return type from QueryData to Data.
    • Update View#data with breaking changes:
    • Remove the timeout and dryrun parameters.
    • Change the return type from QueryData to Data.
    • Remove QueryData.
    • Update Project#query and Dataset#query with improved errors, replacing the previous simple error with one that contains all available information for why the job failed.
  • Rename Dataset#load to Dataset#load_job; add high-level, synchronous version as Dataset#load.
  • Rename Table#copy to Table#copy_job; add high-level, synchronous version as Table#copy.
  • Rename Table#extract to Table#extract_job; add high-level, synchronous version as Table#extract.
  • Rename Table#load to Table#load_job; add high-level, synchronous version as Table#load.
  • Add support for querying external data sources with External.
  • Add Table::AsyncInserter, Dataset#insert_async and Table#insert_async to collect and insert rows in batches.
  • Add Dataset#insert to support creating a table while inserting rows if the table does not exist.
  • Update retry logic to conform to the BigQuery SLA.
    • Use a minimum back-off interval of 1 second; for each consecutive error, increase the back-off interval exponentially up to 32 seconds.
    • Retry if all error reasons are retriable, not if any of the error reasons are retriable.
  • Add support for labels to Dataset, Table, View and Job.
    • Add filter option to Project#datasets and Project#jobs.
  • Add support for user-defined functions to Project#query_job, Dataset#query_job, QueryJob and View.
  • In Dataset, Table, and View updates, add the use of ETags for optimistic concurrency control.
  • Update Dataset#load and Table#load:
    • Add null_marker option and LoadJob#null_marker.
    • Add autodetect option and LoadJob#autodetect?.
  • Fix the default value for LoadJob#quoted_newlines?.
  • Add job_id and prefix options for controlling client-side job ID generation to Project#query_job, Dataset#load, Dataset#query_job, Table#copy, Table#extract, and Table#load.
  • Add Job#user_email.
  • Set the maximum delay of Job#wait_until_done! polling to 60 seconds.
  • Automatically retry Job#cancel.
  • Allow users to specify if a View query is using Standard vs. Legacy SQL.
  • Add project option to Project#query_job.
  • Add QueryJob#query_plan, QueryJob::Stage and QueryJob::Step to expose query plan information.
  • Add Table#buffer_bytes, Table#buffer_rows and Table#buffer_oldest_at to expose streaming buffer information.
  • Update Dataset#insert and Table#insert to raise an error if rows is empty.
  • Update Error with a mapping from code 412 to FailedPreconditionError.
  • Update Data#schema to freeze the returned Schema object (as in View and LoadJob.)

0.28.0 / 2017-09-28

  • Update Google API Client dependency to 0.14.x.

0.27.1 / 2017-07-11

  • Add InsertResponse::InsertError#index (zedalaye)

0.27.0 / 2017-06-28

  • Add maximum_billing_tier and maximum_bytes_billed to QueryJob, Project#query_job and Dataset#query_job.
  • Add Dataset#load to support creating, configuring and loading a table in one API call.
  • Add Project#schema.
  • Upgrade dependency on Google API Client.
  • Update gem spec homepage links.
  • Update examples of field access to use symbols instead of strings in the documentation.

0.26.0 / 2017-04-05

  • Upgrade dependency on Google API Client

0.25.0 / 2017-03-31

  • Add #cancel to Job
  • Updated documentation

0.24.0 / 2017-03-03

Major release, several new features, some breaking changes.

  • Standard SQL is now the default syntax.
  • Legacy SQL syntax can be enabled by providing legacy_sql: true.
  • Several fixes to how data values are formatted when returned from BigQuery.
  • Returned data rows are now hashes with Symbol keys instead of String keys.
  • Several fixes to how data values are formatted when importing to BigQuery.
  • Several improvements to manipulating table schema fields.
  • Removal of Schema#fields= and Data#raw methods.
  • Removal of fields argument from Dataset#create_table method.
  • Dependency on Google API Client has been updated to 0.10.x.

0.23.0 / 2016-12-8

  • Support Query Parameters using params method arguments to query and query_job
  • Add standard_sql/legacy_sql method arguments to to query and query_job
  • Add standard_sql?/legacy_sql? attributes to QueryJob
  • Many documentation improvements

0.21.0 / 2016-10-20

  • New service constructor

0.20.2 / 2016-09-30

  • Add list of projects that the current credentials can access. (remi)

0.20.1 / 2016-09-02

  • Fix for timeout on uploads.

0.20.0 / 2016-08-26

This gem contains the Google BigQuery service implementation for the google-cloud gem. The google-cloud gem replaces the old gcloud gem. Legacy code can continue to use the gcloud gem.

  • Namespace is now Google::Cloud
  • The google-cloud gem is now an umbrella package for individual gems