Cloud Bigtable Emulator

To develop and test your application locally, you can use the Cloud Bigtable Emulator, which provides local emulation of the production Cloud Bigtable environment. You can start the Cloud Bigtable emulator using the gcloud command-line tool.

To configure your ruby code to use the emulator, set the BIGTABLE_EMULATOR_HOST environment variable to the host and port where the emulator is running. The value can be set as an environment variable in the shell running the ruby code, or can be set directly in the ruby code as shown below.

require "google/cloud/bigtable"

# Make Pub/Sub use the emulator
ENV["BIGTABLE_EMULATOR_HOST"] = "localhost:8086"

bigtable = "emulator-project-id"

Or by providing the emulator_host argument:

require "google/cloud/bigtable"

bigtable = emulator_host: "localhost:8086"