Module: Google::Cloud::Metastore::V1::DataprocMetastore

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Configures and manages metastore services. Metastore services are fully managed, highly available, autoscaled, autohealing, OSS-native deployments of technical metadata management software. Each metastore service exposes a network endpoint through which metadata queries are served. Metadata queries can originate from a variety of sources, including Apache Hive, Apache Presto, and Apache Spark.

The Dataproc Metastore API defines the following resource model:

  • The service works with a collection of Google Cloud projects, named: /projects/*
  • Each project has a collection of available locations, named: /locations/* (a location must refer to a Google Cloud region)
  • Each location has a collection of services, named: /services/*
  • Dataproc Metastore services are resources with names of the form:


To load this service and instantiate a client:

require "google/cloud/metastore/v1/dataproc_metastore"
client =

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