Stackdriver Trace Instrumentation

Then google-cloud-trace gem provides a Rack Middleware class that integrates with Rack-based application frameworks, such as Rails and Sinatra. When installed, the middleware collects performance traces of requests and, subject to sampling constraints, submits them to the Stackdriver Trace service.

Additionally, the google-cloud-trace gem provides a Railtie class that automatically enables the Rack Middleware in Rails applications when used.


The default configuration enables Stackdriver instrumentation features to run on Google Cloud Platform. You can easily configure the instrumentation library if you want to run on a non Google Cloud environment or you want to customize the default behavior.

See the Configuration Guide for full configuration parameters.

Rails Integration

To use the Stackdriver Logging Railtie for Ruby on Rails applications, simply add this line to config/application.rb:

require "google/cloud/trace/rails"

Alternatively, check out the stackdriver gem, which enables this Railtie by default.

Rack Integration

Other Rack base frameworks can also directly leverage the built-in Middleware.

require "google/cloud/trace"
use Google::Cloud::Trace::Middleware

Faraday Middleware

On top of the Rack Middleware, you can also trace outbound Faraday requests by using the Faraday Middleware provided with this gem:

require "google/cloud/trace/faraday_middleware"

conn = ""
conn.use Google::Cloud::Trace::FaradayMiddleware

result = conn.get

A child span will be create for each outbound Faraday request, and will be submitted together with the overall application request trace by the Rack Middleware.