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google::cloud::bigtable::TableAdmin::ListBackupsParams Struct Reference

Parameters for ListBackups. More...

#include <google/cloud/bigtable/table_admin.h>

Public Member Functions

 ListBackupsParams ()=default
ListBackupsParamsset_cluster (std::string c)
 Sets the cluster_id. More...
ListBackupsParamsset_filter (std::string f)
 Sets the filtering expression. More...
ListBackupsParamsset_order_by (std::string o)
 Sets the ordering expression. More...
google::bigtable::admin::v2::ListBackupsRequest AsProto (std::string const &instance_name) const

Public Attributes

absl::optional< std::string > cluster_id
absl::optional< std::string > filter
absl::optional< std::string > order_by

Detailed Description

Parameters for ListBackups.

Definition at line 562 of file table_admin.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ListBackupsParams()

google::cloud::bigtable::TableAdmin::ListBackupsParams::ListBackupsParams ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AsProto()

google::bigtable::admin::v2::ListBackupsRequest google::cloud::bigtable::TableAdmin::ListBackupsParams::AsProto ( std::string const &  instance_name) const

◆ set_cluster()

ListBackupsParams& google::cloud::bigtable::TableAdmin::ListBackupsParams::set_cluster ( std::string  c)

Sets the cluster_id.

cthe name of the cluster relative to the instance managed by the TableAdmin object. If no cluster_id is specified, the all backups in all clusters are listed. The full cluster name is projects/<PROJECT_ID>/instances/<INSTANCE_ID>/clusters/<cluster_id> where PROJECT_ID is obtained from the associated AdminClient and INSTANCE_ID is the instance_id() of the TableAdmin object.

Definition at line 575 of file table_admin.h.

◆ set_filter()

ListBackupsParams& google::cloud::bigtable::TableAdmin::ListBackupsParams::set_filter ( std::string  f)

Sets the filtering expression.

fexpression that filters backups listed in the response. The expression must specify the field name, a comparison operator, and the value that you want to use for filtering. The value must be a string, a number, or a boolean. The comparison operator must be <, >, <=, >=, !=, =, or :. Colon ‘:’ represents a HAS operator which is roughly synonymous with equality. Filter rules are case insensitive.

The fields eligible for filtering are:

  • name
  • table
  • state
  • start_time (and values are of the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)
  • end_time (and values are of the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)
  • expire_time (and values are of the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)
  • size_bytes

To filter on multiple expressions, provide each separate expression within parentheses. By default, each expression is an AND expression. However, you can include AND, OR, and NOT expressions explicitly.

Some examples of using filters are:

  • name:"exact" --> The backup's name is the string "exact".
  • name:howl --> The backup's name contains the string "howl".
  • table:prod --> The table's name contains the string "prod".
  • state:CREATING --> The backup is pending creation.
  • state:READY --> The backup is fully created and ready for use.
  • (name:howl) AND (start_time < \"2018-03-28T14:50:00Z\\") --> The backup name contains the string "howl" and start_time of the backup is before 2018-03-28T14:50:00Z.
  • size_bytes > 10000000000 --> The backup's size is greater than 10GB

Definition at line 618 of file table_admin.h.

◆ set_order_by()

ListBackupsParams& google::cloud::bigtable::TableAdmin::ListBackupsParams::set_order_by ( std::string  o)

Sets the ordering expression.

oexpression for specifying the sort order of the results of the request. The string value should specify only one field in google::bigtable::admin::v2::Backup. The following field names are supported:
  • name
  • table
  • expire_time
  • start_time
  • end_time
  • size_bytes
  • state

For example, "start_time". The default sorting order is ascending. Append the " desc" suffix to the field name to sort descending, e.g. "start_time desc". Redundant space characters in the syntax are insignificant.

If order_by is empty, results will be sorted by start_time in descending order starting from the most recently created backup.

Definition at line 646 of file table_admin.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cluster_id

absl::optional<std::string> google::cloud::bigtable::TableAdmin::ListBackupsParams::cluster_id

Definition at line 654 of file table_admin.h.

◆ filter

absl::optional<std::string> google::cloud::bigtable::TableAdmin::ListBackupsParams::filter

Definition at line 655 of file table_admin.h.

◆ order_by

absl::optional<std::string> google::cloud::bigtable::TableAdmin::ListBackupsParams::order_by

Definition at line 656 of file table_admin.h.