Google Cloud C++ Client  2.7.0
C++ Client Library for Google Cloud Platform
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google::cloud::GrpcBackgroundThreadsFactoryOption Struct Reference

Changes the BackgroundThreadsFactory. More...

#include <google/cloud/grpc_options.h>

Public Types

using Type = BackgroundThreadsFactory

Detailed Description

Changes the BackgroundThreadsFactory.

Connections need to perform background work on behalf of the application. Normally they just create a background thread and a CompletionQueue for this work, but the application may need more fine-grained control of their threads.

In this case the application can provide its own BackgroundThreadsFactory and it assumes responsibility for creating one or more threads blocked on its CompletionQueue::Run().

GrpcBackgroundThreadPoolSizeOption, GrpcCompletionQueueOption, and GrpcBackgroundThreadsFactoryOption are mutually exclusive. This option will be ignored if GrpcCompletionQueueOption is set.

Definition at line 169 of file grpc_options.h.

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Definition at line 170 of file grpc_options.h.