Google Cloud IAM C++ Client 2.11.0
A C++ Client Library for Google Cloud IAM
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google::cloud::iam_v2::PoliciesConnection Class Referenceabstract

The PoliciesConnection object for PoliciesClient. More...

#include <google/cloud/iam/v2/policies_connection.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~PoliciesConnection ()=0
virtual Options options ()
virtual StreamRange< google::iam::v2::Policy > ListPolicies (google::iam::v2::ListPoliciesRequest request)
virtual StatusOr< google::iam::v2::Policy > GetPolicy (google::iam::v2::GetPolicyRequest const &request)
virtual future< StatusOr< google::iam::v2::Policy > > CreatePolicy (google::iam::v2::CreatePolicyRequest const &request)
virtual future< StatusOr< google::iam::v2::Policy > > UpdatePolicy (google::iam::v2::UpdatePolicyRequest const &request)
virtual future< StatusOr< google::iam::v2::Policy > > DeletePolicy (google::iam::v2::DeletePolicyRequest const &request)

Detailed Description

The PoliciesConnection object for PoliciesClient.

This interface defines virtual methods for each of the user-facing overload sets in PoliciesClient. This allows users to inject custom behavior (e.g., with a Google Mock object) when writing tests that use objects of type PoliciesClient.

To create a concrete instance, see MakePoliciesConnection().

For mocking, see iam_v2_mocks::MockPoliciesConnection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~PoliciesConnection()

virtual google::cloud::iam_v2::PoliciesConnection::~PoliciesConnection ( )
pure virtual

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreatePolicy()

virtual future< StatusOr< google::iam::v2::Policy > > google::cloud::iam_v2::PoliciesConnection::CreatePolicy ( google::iam::v2::CreatePolicyRequest const &  request)

◆ DeletePolicy()

virtual future< StatusOr< google::iam::v2::Policy > > google::cloud::iam_v2::PoliciesConnection::DeletePolicy ( google::iam::v2::DeletePolicyRequest const &  request)

◆ GetPolicy()

virtual StatusOr< google::iam::v2::Policy > google::cloud::iam_v2::PoliciesConnection::GetPolicy ( google::iam::v2::GetPolicyRequest const &  request)

◆ ListPolicies()

virtual StreamRange< google::iam::v2::Policy > google::cloud::iam_v2::PoliciesConnection::ListPolicies ( google::iam::v2::ListPoliciesRequest  request)

◆ options()

virtual Options google::cloud::iam_v2::PoliciesConnection::options ( )

◆ UpdatePolicy()

virtual future< StatusOr< google::iam::v2::Policy > > google::cloud::iam_v2::PoliciesConnection::UpdatePolicy ( google::iam::v2::UpdatePolicyRequest const &  request)