Google Cloud Pub/Sub C++ Client  2.6.0
A C++ Client Library for Google Cloud Pub/Sub
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google::cloud Namespace Reference

The namespace Google Cloud Platform C++ client libraries. More...


 Contains all the Cloud Pub/Sub C++ client types and functions.
 A namespace for googlemock-based Cloud Pub/Sub C++ client mocks.


struct  AccessTokenLifetimeOption
class  AsyncOperation
class  AsyncStreamingReadWriteRpc
struct  AsyncTimerResult
struct  AuthorityOption
class  BackgroundThreads
struct  CARootsFilePathOption
class  CompletionQueue
class  ConnectionOptions
class  Credentials
struct  DelegatesOption
struct  EndpointOption
class  ErrorInfo
struct  ExperimentalTag
class  future
class  future< void >
class  GenericPollingPolicy
struct  GrpcBackgroundThreadPoolSizeOption
struct  GrpcBackgroundThreadsFactoryOption
struct  GrpcChannelArgumentsNativeOption
struct  GrpcChannelArgumentsOption
struct  GrpcCompletionQueueOption
struct  GrpcCredentialOption
struct  GrpcNumChannelsOption
struct  GrpcTracingOptionsOption
class  KmsKeyName
class  LogBackend
class  Logger
class  Logger< false >
struct  LogRecord
class  LogSink
struct  NullStream
class  Options
class  PollingPolicy
class  Project
class  promise
class  promise< void >
struct  QuotaUserOption
struct  RestTracingOptionsOption
class  RuntimeStatusError
struct  ScopesOption
struct  ServerTimeoutOption
class  Status
class  StatusOr
class  StreamRange
struct  TracingComponentsOption
class  TracingOptions
struct  UnifiedCredentialsOption
struct  UserAgentProductsOption
struct  UserIpOption
struct  UserProjectOption


typedef ::google::cloud::internal::BackoffPolicy BackoffPolicy
typedef google::cloud::internal::ExponentialBackoffPolicy ExponentialBackoffPolicy
typedef OptionList< EndpointOption, UserAgentProductsOption, TracingComponentsOption, UserProjectOption, AuthorityOptionCommonOptionList
typedef OptionList< AccessTokenLifetimeOption, CARootsFilePathOption, DelegatesOption, ScopesOption, TracingComponentsOption, UnifiedCredentialsOptionUnifiedCredentialsOptionList
typedef std::function< std::unique_ptr< BackgroundThreads >()> BackgroundThreadsFactory
typedef OptionList< GrpcCredentialOption, GrpcNumChannelsOption, GrpcChannelArgumentsOption, GrpcChannelArgumentsNativeOption, GrpcTracingOptionsOption, GrpcBackgroundThreadPoolSizeOption, GrpcCompletionQueueOption, GrpcBackgroundThreadsFactoryOptionGrpcOptionList
typedef std::function< absl::optional< google::iam::v1::Policy >(google::iam::v1::Policy)> IamUpdater
typedef absl::optional< T > optional
typedef internal::TypeList< T... > OptionList
typedef ::google::cloud::OptionList< QuotaUserOption, RestTracingOptionsOption, ServerTimeoutOption, UserIpOptionRestOptionList
typedef std::function< void(char const *msg)> TerminateHandler


enum class  Idempotency { kIdempotent , kNonIdempotent }
enum class  Severity {
enum class  StatusCode {
  kOk , kCancelled , kUnknown , kInvalidArgument ,
  kDeadlineExceeded , kNotFound , kAlreadyExists , kPermissionDenied ,
  kUnauthenticated , kResourceExhausted , kFailedPrecondition , kAborted ,
  kOutOfRange , kUnimplemented , kInternal , kUnavailable ,


std::shared_ptr< CredentialsMakeInsecureCredentials (Options opts={})
std::shared_ptr< CredentialsMakeGoogleDefaultCredentials (Options opts={})
std::shared_ptr< CredentialsMakeAccessTokenCredentials (std::string const &access_token, std::chrono::system_clock::time_point expiration, Options opts={})
std::shared_ptr< CredentialsMakeImpersonateServiceAccountCredentials (std::shared_ptr< Credentials > base_credentials, std::string target_service_account, Options opts={})
std::shared_ptr< CredentialsMakeServiceAccountCredentials (std::string json_object, Options opts={})
std::shared_ptr< CredentialsMakeExternalAccountCredentials (std::string json_object, Options opts={})
future< typename internal::make_ready_return< T >::type > make_ready_future (T &&t)
future< void > make_ready_future ()
google::cloud::Status MakeStatusFromRpcError (grpc::Status const &status)
google::cloud::Status MakeStatusFromRpcError (grpc::StatusCode code, std::string what)
google::cloud::Status MakeStatusFromRpcError (google::rpc::Status const &proto)
StatusOr< KmsKeyNameMakeKmsKeyName (std::string const &full_name)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, Severity x)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, LogRecord const &rhs)
StatusOr< ProjectMakeProject (std::string const &full_name)
std::string StatusCodeToString (StatusCode code)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, StatusCode code)
bool operator== (StatusOr< T > const &a, StatusOr< T > const &b)
bool operator!= (StatusOr< T > const &a, StatusOr< T > const &b)
StatusOr< T > make_status_or (T rhs)
constexpr int version_major ()
constexpr int version_minor ()
constexpr int version_patch ()
constexpr char const * version_pre_release ()
constexpr int version ()
std::string version_string ()
TerminateHandler SetTerminateHandler (TerminateHandler f)
TerminateHandler GetTerminateHandler ()
void Terminate (char const *msg)

Detailed Description

The namespace Google Cloud Platform C++ client libraries.