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A client to Container Analysis API.

See: Description

Package Description

A client to Container Analysis API.

The interfaces provided are listed below, along with usage samples.

======================= ContainerAnalysisClient =======================

Service Description: Retrieves analysis results of Cloud components such as Docker container images. The Container Analysis API is an implementation of the [Grafeas]( API.

Analysis results are stored as a series of occurrences. An `Occurrence` contains information about a specific analysis instance on a resource. An occurrence refers to a `Note`. A note contains details describing the analysis and is generally stored in a separate project, called a `Provider`. Multiple occurrences can refer to the same note.

For example, an SSL vulnerability could affect multiple images. In this case, there would be one note for the vulnerability and an occurrence for each image with the vulnerability referring to that note.

Sample for ContainerAnalysisClient:

 try (ContainerAnalysisClient containerAnalysisClient = ContainerAnalysisClient.create()) {
   IamResourceName resource = NoteName.of("[PROJECT]", "[NOTE]");
   Policy policy = Policy.newBuilder().build();
   Policy response = containerAnalysisClient.setIamPolicy(resource, policy);
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