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A client to Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API.

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Package Description

A client to Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API.

The interfaces provided are listed below, along with usage samples.

========================== KeyManagementServiceClient ==========================

Service Description: Google Cloud Key Management Service

Manages cryptographic keys and operations using those keys. Implements a REST model with the following objects:

* [KeyRing][] * [CryptoKey][] * [CryptoKeyVersion][]

If you are using manual gRPC libraries, see [Using gRPC with Cloud KMS](

Sample for KeyManagementServiceClient:

 try (KeyManagementServiceClient keyManagementServiceClient = KeyManagementServiceClient.create()) {
   KeyRingName name = KeyRingName.of("[PROJECT]", "[LOCATION]", "[KEY_RING]");
   KeyRing response = keyManagementServiceClient.getKeyRing(name);
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