Class AbstractSpannerRequestOptions<A>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
SpannerQueryOptions, SpannerReadOptions

public class AbstractSpannerRequestOptions<A> extends Object implements Serializable
Abstract class of common Read and Query request settings.
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  • Field Details

    • requestOptions

      protected transient List<A> requestOptions
    • requestOptionType

      protected Class<A> requestOptionType
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractSpannerRequestOptions

      public AbstractSpannerRequestOptions()
  • Method Details

    • getIncludeProperties

      public Set<String> getIncludeProperties()
    • setIncludeProperties

      public AbstractSpannerRequestOptions setIncludeProperties(Set<String> includeProperties)
    • getTimestampBound

      public getTimestampBound()
    • setTimestampBound

      public AbstractSpannerRequestOptions setTimestampBound( timestampBound)
      Set if this query should be executed with bounded staleness.
      timestampBound - the timestamp bound. Can be exact or bounded staleness.
      this options object.
    • getTimestamp

      public getTimestamp()
    • setTimestamp

      public AbstractSpannerRequestOptions setTimestamp( timestamp)
    • getOptions

      public A[] getOptions()
    • isAllowPartialRead

      public boolean isAllowPartialRead()
    • setAllowPartialRead

      public AbstractSpannerRequestOptions setAllowPartialRead(boolean allowPartialRead)