Enum for chunk formatter Row state. NEW_ROW: inital state or state after commitRow or resetRow ROW_IN_PROGRESS: state after first valid chunk without commitRow or resetRow CELL_IN_PROGRESS: state when valueSize > 0(partial cell)



decorateStatus(obj, response) → {object|null}

Checks for a grpc status code and extends the supplied object with additional information.

Name Type Description
obj object

The object to be extended.

response object

The grpc response.


Type Definitions

ClientConfig :object

Name Type Attributes Default Description
apiEndpoint string <optional>

Override the default API endpoint used to reach Bigtable. This is useful for connecting to your local Bigtable emulator.

projectId string <optional>

The project ID from the Google Developer's Console, e.g. 'grape-spaceship-123'. We will also check the environment variable GCLOUD_PROJECT for your project ID. If your app is running in an environment which supports Application Default Credentials, your project ID will be detected automatically.

keyFilename string <optional>

Full path to the a .json, .pem, or .p12 key downloaded from the Google Developers Console. If you provide a path to a JSON file, the projectId option above is not necessary. NOTE: .pem and .p12 require you to specify the email option as well.

appProfileId string <optional>

An application profile ID, a configuration string value describing how Cloud Bigtable should treat traffic from a particular end user application.

email string <optional>

Account email address. Required when using a .pem or .p12 keyFilename.

credentials object <optional>

Credentials object.

Name Type Attributes Description
client_email string <optional>
private_key string <optional>
autoRetry boolean <optional>

Automatically retry requests if the response is related to rate limits or certain intermittent server errors. We will exponentially backoff subsequent requests by default.

maxRetries number <optional>

Maximum number of automatic retries attempted before returning the error.

promise Constructor <optional>

Custom promise module to use instead of native Promises.


GetInstancesCallback(errnullable, instances, apiResponse)

Name Type Attributes Description
err Error <nullable>

Request error, if any.

instances Array.<Instance>

Array of Instance instances.

apiResponse object

The full API response.


GetInstancesResponse :array

Name Type Description
0 Array.<Instance>

Array of Instance instances.

1 object

The full API response.