Google Cloud Pub/Sub C++ Client  2.5.0
A C++ Client Library for Google Cloud Pub/Sub
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google::cloud::pubsub::MaxDeadlineTimeOption Struct Reference

The maximum deadline for each incoming message. More...

#include <google/cloud/pubsub/options.h>

Public Types

using Type = std::chrono::seconds

Detailed Description

The maximum deadline for each incoming message.

Configure how long the application has to respond (ACK or NACK) to an incoming message. Note that this might be longer, or shorter, than the deadline configured in the server-side subscription.

The value 0 is reserved to leave the deadline unmodified and just use the server-side configuration.

The deadline applies to each message as it is delivered to the application, thus, if the library receives a batch of N messages their deadline for all the messages is extended repeatedly. Only once the message is delivered to a callback does the deadline become immutable.

Definition at line 247 of file options.h.

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Definition at line 248 of file options.h.