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A client to Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API.

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Package Description

A client to Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API.

The interfaces provided are listed below, along with usage samples.

================ DlpServiceClient ================

Service Description: The Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API is a service that allows clients to detect the presence of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other privacy-sensitive data in user-supplied, unstructured data streams, like text blocks or images. The service also includes methods for sensitive data redaction and scheduling of data scans on Google Cloud Platform based data sets.

To learn more about concepts and find how-to guides see

Sample for DlpServiceClient:

 try (DlpServiceClient dlpServiceClient = DlpServiceClient.create()) {
   ProjectName parent = ProjectName.of("[PROJECT]");
   InspectContentRequest request = InspectContentRequest.newBuilder()
   InspectContentResponse response = dlpServiceClient.inspectContent(request);
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