The @google-cloud/translate package has the following named exports:

  • TranslationServiceClient class - constructor for v3 of the Translation API. See v3.TranslationServiceClient for client methods.
  • v3 - client for the v3 backend service version. It exports:
  • v3beta1 - client for the v3beta1 backend service version. It exports:
  • v2 - client for the v2 backend service version. It exports:

Install the v3 client library with npm:

npm install --save @google-cloud/translate

Import the v3 client library:

const {TranslationServiceClient} = require('@google-cloud/translate');

Create a v3 client that uses Application Default Credentials (ADC):

const client = new TranslationServiceClient();

Full quickstart example:

   * TODO(developer): Uncomment the following line before running the sample.
  // const projectId = 'YOUR_PROJECT_ID';

  // Imports the Google Cloud client library
  const {Translate} = require('@google-cloud/translate').v2;

  // Instantiates a client
  const translate = new Translate({projectId});

  async function quickStart() {
    // The text to translate
    const text = 'Hello, world!';

    // The target language
    const target = 'ru';

    // Translates some text into Russian
    const [translation] = await translate.translate(text, target);
    console.log(`Text: ${text}`);
    console.log(`Translation: ${translation}`);


Install the v3beta1 client library:

npm install --save @google-cloud/translate

Import the v3beta1 client library:

const {TranslationServiceClient} =